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Action List - Processing Items

Updated: 12/7/15


  1. Log into the EBS portal via the EBS Support site ( using your MSU NetID and password.
  2. Click the Finance System tab.
  3. Click the Finance System Inbox link. The Action List appears.
  4. Click the Id of the e-doc you wish to process. The e-doc opens.
  5. Review the e-doc and click the approve button to approve it and continue workflow.
  6. Click the close button to close the e-doc. The item disappears from your inbox.


  • By default you receive an email when an item is added to your action list. You can change those preferences.
  • If you are already in the finance system, click the action list button at the top of the screen to access the action list.
  • At step 5, to disapprove an e-doc, click the disapprove button and enter a reason for the disapproval. The initiator and any previous approvers receive an Acknowledgement request notifying them of the disapproval.
  • At step 5, if the request is an acknowledgement or FYI request, an acknowledge or FYI button appears rather than approve and disapprove buttons. Click the appropriate button to respond to the request.
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