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American Express NetApp Corporate Travel Card
Instructions for Michigan State University Applicants

Regular faculty and staff on the MSU payroll are eligible.

The American Express Corporate Travel Card may only be used for MSU business related travel expenses.

Open the application using the link, login and password provided. The link is opens new tab. Our login is MSUTravel and the password is Sparty.

You will receive an Electronic Communications Consent form that must be agreed to for the process to continue.

Next you will see the application. Complete all fields. The fields with asterisks (*) are required for your application to be processed. Please double check email addresses, as incorrect or invalid emails will delay processing.

Note: Your Security Code is your Social Security number in its entirety.

Your application information is entered into a secured website and stored behind firewalls on a protected server. Also, your social security number and security code are blocked from all approvers except the Program Administrator.

Departmental Approval: Please supply the name, email address, and telephone number of the Department/Unit Authorizer you wish to approve your application. A Department/Unit Authorizer is a MSU Authorized Account Signer or someone within your department/unit who is able to approve charges to departmental accounts.

Once you complete and submit your application, it will be sent to the Department/Unit Authorizer for approval. Once the Department/Unit Authorizer approves your application, it will be sent for final approval to the Program Administrator, MSU's University Travel Manager. The application is then forwarded to American Express for processing.

Your new American Express Corporate Travel Card will be sent to you at your home within 7 – 10 business days of American Express receiving your application.

After clicking “Submit” on the application you will receive 2 legal statement screens. Your screen may show a blank application while the first legal statement loads. Give it a few moments. Both of the legal statements must be agreed to in order for application processing to continue. Both of these agreements are recorded in the application history. After agreeing to these statements you will receive a popup box thanking you for your application and advising you that you will receive a confirmation email shortly. All application requests must be confirmed for processing to continue. If you do not confirm your application within 1 hour you will get a second email asking for confirmation. Applications not confirmed within 3 business days are automatically declined.

Please do no submit duplicate applications. Once you click on the submit button your application is in the system. Do not click submit multiple times. Duplicate applications stop the process, as they must be reviewed to determine which application is to be processed.

If your application is declined, you will receive an email instructing you to contact the Department/Unit Authorizer or Program Administrator to discuss the business reason for the decline.

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