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American Express Important Terms and Conditions

Before applying for the American Express Corporate Travel Card please read the following statements thoroughly. By applying, signing, and using the Corporate Travel Card, you will be agreeing and adhering to the following statements:

  • The use of the American Express Corporate Travel Card is limited to business related travel expenses that are later reimbursed to the card member by the University. This card is not to be used for personal spending.
  • The maximum credit limit on each card is $15,000 for travel expenses/ $500 for business/travel retail expenses and $200 cash advance limit for ATM usage.
  • All monthly charges are due at the time of statement receipt. It is the card member’s responsibility to pay these charges upon receipt.
  • As the card member, you agree that the University or American Express may suspend or terminate your account at anytime for violations of this agreement.
  • You consent to the Program Administrator at Michigan State University having access to view your detailed spending information and payment history for the purpose of reporting, program management or other MSU business-related purposes.
  • For further clarification and additional information on the American Express Corporate Travel Card, please proceed to our website.

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