Project Update - March 2019

From March 18 – April 15, Concur profiles cannot be created and existing profiles cannot be modified.

Booking travel online via Concur for current profile-holders is available during this time with the exception of March 25 – 27, at which time Concur will be offline. During this outage, please contact Conlin Travel agents directly via phone (517.884.9400) or email ( for assistance. The MSU Travel Office will pay the agent assist service fees for reservations purchased through Conlin Travel during this time.

If you do not have a Concur profile, utilize the Concur Profile Application (Build Travel Profile) functionality available from the Travel at State website. If requested before April 15, profile applicants will receive email confirmation advising to book travel through a Conlin Travel agent.

After April 15, all new applicants will receive access to update their Concur profiles and will be able to book travel online. A second email notification will be sent to the Concur Profile Applicants with instructions for accessing and completing their Concur Profile.

As Units have access to Concur’s full functionality (Request, Travel, Expense), all MSU employees will receive Concur Profiles. The Concur Profile Application will only be needed for employees who do not have Concur Profiles, and whose Units do not yet have access to Concur Request, Travel, and Expense. New Concur profile applicants will receive an email confirmation the following day.

Please share broadly. To opt in or out of the Travel List Serve, visit the MSU Travel at State website, Education tab, Travel ListServ Signup.

Better End-to-End Travel Experience for Michigan State University

We are excited to announce that Michigan State University’s Travel at State is collaborating with Concur in creating a travel booking and expense management system special to the University. By combining these functions, you will be able to book travel and submit expense reports using the same tool.

Because your time is valuable, our goal is to provide a tool that is more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly. With an end to end solution, the amount of time spent preparing pre-trip authorizations, booking travel, and completing travel expense reports is greatly reduced. We should be up and running within this fiscal year. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Travel at State Presents:

Concur Sneak Peek

Thanks to all who attended the sneak peek at Michigan State University’s new travel and expense solution, Concur. We appreciate all of the questions that were offered by you and will be posting them, with answers, on this website as FAQs. Thanks also to our strategic travel partners who participated in the Travel Fair.

The PowerPoint and recorded session will be posted on this website in the near future. We will send out an announcement when they become available.

Concur Travel Training

Thank you all for your participation in our surveys these last few months. Your feedback was greatly appreciated. You can check out the results from our previous surveys here!
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