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Project Update -

Concur Profile-holders can access new functionality!

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EBS Travel Resource

Logging into Concur: Once you have accessed EBS, select the Travel and Expense tile to update your travel profile and make travel reservations.

Alerts: Register for e-receipts so that reservations booked online and through the University’s preferred travel agencies are automatically sent to your Concur profile.

Profile Settings: Use the pull-down arrow next to “Profile”, to access your profile options.. By selecting “Personal Information”, you can view your information. Update all “Required” fields and always “Save” when you make changes.

Email Addresses: Please be sure to Verify your address and add up to two additional email addresses from which you may be sending reservations and receipts to Concur. Once you have access to Request and Expense, email will be one of the ways in which you will be able to auto-populate your expense report.

Frequent Traveler Programs: Add all of your membership numbers here and enroll in My Travel Network so that anytime you reserve and travel using these travel suppliers, you receive member benefits and your reservations and receipts auto-populates your expense reports.

Assistants and Travel Arrangers: Add Travel Arrangers to your profile if there is anyone in your department who may be assisting you with travel reservations. In the future, your Travel Arranger can also send reservations and receipts to Concur on your behalf by using one of your verified email addresses.

Travel Assistants: Travel Assistants and Arrangers can verify travelers for whom they may assist by taking the following actions:

  1. Select Travel from the Concur navigation bar;
  2. Select “Arrangers” for the Travel Arranger Views;
  3. Select the “I’m Assisting” tab
  4. Review your list and remove any for whom you do not assist.
  5. If you wish to assist an MSU employee not listed, please ask the employee to add you as their travel assistant/arranger.

Additional Resources: If you do not have a Concur Profile, utilize the Concur Profile Application (Build Concur Profile) functionality available on the Travel at State website. Once approved, instructions for profile access and completion are sent to Concur Profile Applicants.

As Units have access to Concur’s full functionality (Request, Travel, Expense), all MSU employees will have Concur Profiles.

Please share broadly. To opt in or out of the Travel List Serve, visit the MSU Travel at State website, Education tab, Travel ListServ Signup.

Better End-to-End Travel Experience for Michigan State University

We are excited to announce that Michigan State University’s Travel at State is collaborating with Concur in creating a travel booking and expense management system special to the University. By combining these functions, you will be able to book travel and submit expense reports using the same tool.

Because your time is valuable, our goal is to provide a tool that is more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly. With an end to end solution, the amount of time spent preparing pre-trip authorizations, booking travel, and completing travel expense reports is greatly reduced. We should be up and running within this fiscal year. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!