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For reimbursement rates effective after June 30th, 2019 see the New Reimbursement Chart.

MSU Travel Reimbursement Chart

(At a Glance)

Effective through 06/30/2019

Type of Expenditure Reimbursement Rate Receipt Requirement
A. Conference Fee Actual Itemized Receipt &
Conference Schedule or
B. Ground Transportation
1. Private Car Current Mileage Rate:
2019 58 cents/mile Up to $500
2018 54 cents/mile Up to $500
2017 53 cents/mile Up to $500
2. Rental Vehicles Actual up to Standard Size Car Itemized Receipt
3. Gasoline for Rental Vehicles Actual Itemized Receipt
4. Taxi/Limo Reasonable/Customary Receipt > $75
5. Bus/Coach Actual Receipt > $75
6. Parking Actual Receipt > $25
C. Airfare/Rail
1. Airfare/Rail Coach or Economy Class Itemized Receipt
2. Premium Seating Reasonable/Customary When Approved Itemized Receipt
3. Baggage Fees Actual up to 2 bags Receipt > $30
D. Lodging
1. Continental U.S. (CONUS) Best Available Rate Itemized Receipt
2. Outside Continental U.S. (OCONUS) Up to Published Maximum
3. Foreign Up to Published Maximum
4. Internet Reasonable/Customary Receipt > $25
5. Parking Reasonable/Customary Receipt > $25
E. Meals
1. CONUS opens new tab Meal and Incidental Per Diem (M&IE) None
2. OCONUS opens new tab
3. Foreign opens new tab
4. Foreign & OCONUS M&IE Allocations
F. Hosting
1. Suite, Meeting Space, Conference Room Actual Itemized receipt, business purpose, list of attendees & their affiliation
2. Audio Visual, Technology Actual
3. Meals Actual
4. Alcohol Actual (w/pre-approved account number)
G. Passport and Visas Reasonable/Customary Itemized Receipt
H. Foreign Currency Conversion
Oanda Travel Exchange Rate = Typical Cash Rate + 4% Currency Conversion Table opens new tab
In Country Conversion Itemized Receipt
Credit Card Statement Conversion Itemized Credit Card Statement showing foreign transactions & transaction fees

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