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SECTION 57: Short-Term Advance for Living Expenses

Last updated: July 2013

I. Description

A cash advance program is available for new faculty and staff who are arriving on campus with insufficient financial resources to cover their initial living expenses. Primarily intended to facilitate the arrival and settling in of newly appointed international faculty (including visiting scholars), an advance for living expenses will mitigate the financial hardship that some of these individuals experience prior to receiving their initial paycheck.

II. How to Apply

Individuals needing assistance may apply for a Short-Term Advance for Living Expenses:

  1. The applicant, with the department’s assistance if necessary, will complete Sections A and B of the application form (see Short-Term Advance for Living Expenses Application). The advance can be issued up to an amount equal to one month’s gross pay, not to exceed $2,500. The advance is non-interest bearing and is subject to mandatory payroll deduction to be repaid in two equal installments deducted from the employee’s 2nd and 3rd month’s pay (the employee’s first check will not be impacted).
  2. The applicant’s department must complete Section C giving account information and approval by an HR Payroll Approver. A $35 advance processing fee will be charged to the department at the point of disbursement. By signing the application, the sponsoring department authorizes the processing fee and also guarantees repayment of the advance in the event of employee default.
  3. After departmental approval has been given, the applicant must take the advance form to the Payroll Office, Hannah Administration Building, 426 Auditorium Road Rm. 350, (hours 10am to 5pm) to complete part 1 of Section D. The Payroll Office will take into account the requested advance amount in relationship to the applicant’s payroll information before signing off on the form. The applicant will agree to the payment terms by signing part 2 of Section D.
  4. The applicant then takes the form to the Accounting Office, Hannah Administration Building, 426 Auditorium Road Rm. 360 (hours 8am to 5pm). The Accounting Office will process the advance form completing Section E and provide an Advance Note to the applicant. Please arrive in Accounting by 4pm so funds can be picked up in the Cashier's Office by 4:45pm (see item E).
  5. The applicant takes the original, fully approved Advance Note to the Cashier’s Office, Hannah Administration Building, 426 Auditorium Road Rm. 110 (hours 8:15am to 4:45pm), with a signed pictured ID to receive the advance funds.

Departments are asked to be somewhat discerning when approving an advance for a new faculty or staff member. Questions can be forwarded to Accounting, phone 5-5000 or e-mail to accounting@ctlr.msu.edu.