Travel at State

Travel at State

How do I use the Currency Converter?

Use the Currency Converter to calculate exchange rates for any day back to January 1990.

  • To Convert Foreign Currency to US Dollars, Go To:

    • Currency I want
    • Type currency names, 3-letter currency symbols or country names to select your foreign currency.
    • Type “1” in the Amount box.
    • Select 4% from the Interbank rate list to better approximate the additional conversion fees charged by your financial institution.
    • Add the date that the purchase was made
    • Multiply the U.S. Dollar amount times the foreign currency equivalent.

Example: I made purchase in the past. How much did it cost me?

  • When I was in Europe, I bought something that cost 500 euros on March 1, 2018.
  • Multiply 500 times 1.27246 to get amount due traveler in US Dollars = $636.23.
  • Print the “Travel Exchange Rates Results” and attach to travel reimbursement requests.

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