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ICE: In Case of Emergency

Mobile users are urged to add a contact in their phone under the acronym ICE, for In Case of an Emergency. Paramedics or police are able to quickly find the number and use it to reach an emergency contact that could help identify deceased victims and treat injured ones.

Create Your ICE Contact Today

  1. New contact
  2. Enter contact name as “ICE”
    1. You may enter “ICE” followed by the emergency contact’s name so the emergency responder knows whom they are calling (ex. ICE Karen – Mom). However, make sure ICE is the first part of the contact name so the emergency responder knows where to look.
  3. Enter in emergency phone number contact information

Keep in mind: An ICE contact is not a replacement for carrying ID. The ICE contact is useless if the phone is not nearby the victim or is damaged.

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