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Utilizing Michigan Flyer (Helpful Information)

  1. Michigan Flyer’s luxury Motor Coaches make 12 roundtrips daily between East Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport. MSU’s Michigan Flyer Program aims to increase convenience for MSU travelers while lowering expenses and reducing environmental impact.
  2. Michigan Flyer offers parking at the City Center Parking Ramp, corner of Albert and Charles (enter from Charles Street). For a pre-paid rate of $2.50/day, please reserve and pre-pay on the Michigan Flyer website. Rates subject to change.
  3. Transit studies have demonstrated that low-emission motor coaches like Michigan Flyer’s are the greenest, most fuel-efficient mode of transportation available, each with the capacity to remove 50 passenger cars from congested roadways and reduce air-polluting exhaust emissions.

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