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Travel at State

Change to a Reservation

  1. Airport passengers: Within 48 hours of departure on a non-refundable fare, passengers may change his/her scheduled bus departure as long as the travel date remains the same. Passenger that miss their scheduled departure at Detroit Metro due to flight delays, are welcome to take the next available coach without penalty. Passengers are asked to call the Michigan Flyer office to reschedule (517-333-0400).
  2. Exception: Passengers that miss the last scheduled departure from the airport may leave Michigan Flyer a message or contact their office the next day. In this instance, one may ride the Michigan Flyer at no extra cost the following travel day.
  3. Non-airport passengers: Non Airport passengers traveling between East Lansing and Ann Arbor who do not show for their scheduled departure must purchase a new ticket. Same day changes will be permitted contingent upon availability. Changes and Cancellations must be made by contacting the Michigan Flyer office (517-333-0400) or

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