Travel at State

Travel at State

2018 Travel Arranger Education Day

Travel Arranger Education Day occurs in late January each year. Upcoming Travel Arranger Education Days are posted in the Travel at State website News section. If you were unable to attend a session or the day, you may self-study using the presentations provided.

Managing Yourself and the Impact of Stress (pp)

Learn how to apply simple tools to keep us healthy by managing our stress and how self-control plays into this cycle and identify ways in which we can learn to stay in control during challenging times.

Why Travel at State? (pdf)

Learn how MSU’s Travel at State program benefits university employees and business travelers. Key strategic travel partners will provide an overview of discounts, benefits and helpful hints in maximizing the value of the university’s partnerships.

International Crisis Response at MSU (pdf)

Behind the scenes look at the MSU Global Travel Registry and interactive session as Office of International Health and Safety demonstrates how they respond to an international crisis and deploy MSU resources to travelers in need.

Is Your Travel Reimbursement in Jeopardy?  (pp)

MSU travel auditors provide an interactive session geared toward providing policy guidance, best practices and useful tips for success.

Travel from MSU Travelers’ Points of View: How to Help Your Team be Successful (pp)

Experienced MSU “road warriors” provide recommendations for travelers before, during, and after their business trips to mitigate travel disruptions, and concentrate on successful missions.

Meeting Planning 101 REFRESHED  (pp)

For new and infrequent meeting planners: Learn the first steps in planning an event, resources to assist you through the process and MSU requirements for meeting and lodging contracts.

Current Trends in Hospitality: Advanced Meeting Planning (pdf)

Dr. Jeff Beck, Associate Director and Professor at The School of Hospitality Business at MSU, joins us to share his expertise in hospitality management. Presentation includes discussion and approaches to overcoming challenges when planning and negotiating meeting and event packages, as well as an update on the latest trends in hospitality management.

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