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Over 95% of Michigan State University departments are now live in Concur, MSU’s new Travel and Expense system! Concur is an end-to-end travel and expense management tool that allows travelers to book travel, create Requests (pre-trip authorizations) and Expense Reports in one solution. In order to have the best travel experience, the Travel@State team highly encourages all faculty and staff to complete their Concur profiles.

Good news: if you are employed by the University, you already have a Concur profile! To access your profile, log in to https://ebs/ From the Concur homepage, click Profile, then Profile Settings. Be sure to fill out all the required fields in your Personal Information and always click “Save” when you make changes.

In order to receive all the benefits that Concur offers, be sure to verify your “” address in your profile. You may also add up to two more of your own email addresses from which you may be sending reservations and receipts to Concur. This step is important because email is one of the ways you can auto-populate your Expense Reports.

If another MSU employee will be assisting with Request and Expense on your behalf, you will need to add them as your Request and Expense delegate. To do this, go to your Request Settings and click Request Delegates. Then, add the appropriate users and assign the permissions you wish them to have. (NOTE: Request and Expense share delegates. By assigning permissions to a delegate, you are assigning permissions for Request and Expense.)

If another MSU employee will be booking travel for you, be sure to assign them as your Travel Assistant/Arranger. A person assigned as a Travel Assistant/Arranger in your profile settings can book travel in Concur on your behalf or see your trip library. (NOTE: Travel Arrangers are not the same as Request/Expense Delegates.)

The Travel@State website contains many useful reference guides intended to assist faculty and staff as they learn to navigate the new system. To view these resources, please go to

Still stuck? If you are unable to find the answer to your question in the resources provided, please direct Concur related questions to