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Office of the Controller

Project Update -

New Policies Effective Immediately

Travel to High Risk Destinations

Please remember to register all international travel for official MSU business in MSU’s Global Travel Registry (GTR), also available in Android and IOS apps. Successful registration will activate coverage under MSU’s iSOS travel insurance policy and will facilitate MSU’s Office of International Health and Safety (OIHS) efforts to assist you in the event of an emergency while traveling. Note that the GTR and CONCUR technical teams are coordinating to align the two platforms as part of the CONCUR rollout; however, we ask you to continue registering directly in the GTR until the alignment is complete. For additional information on international travel, please visit the OIHS website. (Read More)

Corrective Actions

New Policy - Violations of these policies are to be reported to the appropriate unit administrator. Anyone found to have violated these policies will be subjected to corrective action, up to and including termination, under the guidance of HR Employee Relations and Academic Human Resources. (Read More)

Room Sharing

New Policy - When traveling on Michigan State University business, MSU faculty, academic staff, executive managers, and support staff are prohibited from sharing hotel rooms or bedrooms with a student or a group of students (including MSU graduate and undergraduate students and students from other institutions). Further, MSU faculty, academic staff, executive managers, and support staff in supervisory positions are prohibited from sharing hotel rooms or bedrooms with subordinate employees. Budgetary considerations do not take precedence over this policy, and individual rooms are to be provided without reprisal. (Read More)

Summary of Travel Policy Changes Effective July 1, 2019

Request Required Before Expense Report Submission

New Policy – An approved Request (formerly pre-trip authorization) is required before submission of Expense Reports. Expense Reports must be attached to applicable Requests. (Read More)

Late Expense Report Submission

New Policy – Expense Reports for out of pocket expenses submitted more than 90 days after the trip return date will not be reimbursable. (Read More)

Receipt Requirements

New Policy - There are no thresholds for receipts. Due to the multitude of ways in which travelers may gather and submit receipts, all are now required. Concur will not allow submission of an Expense Report when receipts are not attached. Meal per diem allowances do not require receipts. (Read More)

Per Diem 75% on First and Last Day of Travel

New Policy – 75% of locality per diem amount provided on first and last day of travel. (Read More)

Personal Days of Travel and Comparative Quotes

New Policy – Comparative quotes for airfare must be obtained at the time of booking when an indirect flight for personal reasons is part of the trip. Additionally, a comparative quote must be obtained, at the time of booking, when personal days are added to an international business trip – irrespective of indirect routing. The quote may be obtained either via email from MSU’s preferred travel agent or via a screen shot from the Concur booking tool. (Read More)