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Project Update -

Concur – What’s New?

Concur User Training

The Travel at State Project team offers bi-weekly half-day training sessions in a computer lab to educate on Getting Started and Receipt Management, Request and Expense. To register, please visit Concur User Training. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

***Please be sure the date you select matches the session for which you register. Class size is limited.

Virtual Training

Zoom sessions will now be offered in September!
Available dates are

  • September 12 from 1 – 4:45 PM
  • September 26, from 8:30 AM – 12:15 PM

No registration is needed. We will share the Zoom link, as we get closer to September.

Concur Reference Library

Guides, MSU “How To’s” and Videos. To access, visit the Travel@State project website ➜ Education ➜ Reference Guides . We encourage you to make this one of your “favorites”.

Concur Assistance

Need assistance? For questions regarding Concur, please email or call 517.432.6200. MSU IT will triage the call so you get quicker answers.

Open labs

Hands-on assistance is available beginning August 5 in the Computer Center, Room 210. For a full list of dates and times, visit the Travel Classes webpage on the Travel@State Project website.

Concur Booking Online Classes

Conlin Travel experts will be at Michigan State University monthly, offering online booking classes to MSU employees. To register, visit the EBS Finance System, My Career & Training, Courses for Employees at MSU. A full list of available dates and times are provided on the Travel Classes webpage on the Travel@State Project website. The next available date for training in August 19.

Apps Available with Concur:

Concur Apps

**Concur Mobile **

What it does: Everything you can do on your desktop including managing expenses and completing expense reports. Additional Feature: Snap photos of your receipts using the camera functionality available with Concur Mobile. Concur, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), will read and upload your receipt bringing you that much closer to completing your expense report.

To Get Started, go to the Concur Mobile Registration page within your Concur Profile. Click the “Get Started” button, and set up your PIN. Once you have taken these steps, open your email on your mobile device and open the invitation email from Concur. Download the Concur for Mobile app. Use your email address and newly created PIN to log into Concur for Mobile.

To use Concur for Mobile, your mobile device must lock or have password protection. Learn more by visiting the Reference Guide Library on the Travel@State Project website.

**TripIt Pro**

TripIt Pro is an itinerary management tool and so much more! TripIt Pro provides the following benefits: sends real-time flight alerts, helps you find a better seat, reminds you when to check-in, tells you to “Go Now” to the airport, sends terminal and gate reminders.

To receive TripIt Pro benefits complimentary, visit the App Center in Concur and Connect. TripIt will send you an email to open on your mobile device in order to download TripIt. Be sure you download Tripit. Once you register with your email address and create password, you will be upgraded to TripIt Pro.

To learn more visit the App Center in Concur and select the TripIt icon or visit the Reference Guide Library on the Travel@State Project website.

Concur Request and Expense User Updates:

Recall an Approved Request

Travelers/Delegates can now recall an Approved Request for editing. If a traveler’s request information has changed, it can now be recalled (returned back to the traveler for editing) and re-submitted for appropriate approvals. An example of when a recall may be used is if a traveler forgot to request a cash advance as part of the request or the locations have changed. Travelers/delegates cannot recall an approved request if the trip start date has already occurred, or an expense report has been created against the request. Upon recall, if a cash advance had been requested, it cannot be edited.

Attachments in the Expense Report

When completing an Expense Report, please be sure receipts and supporting documentation are attached to the specific expense and not the header FOR EXPENSE REPORTS. Use expense types of additional attachments or agenda attachments to add such things as conference agendas, mileage logs, and additional supporting documents.

Prepaid Airfare

Specifically for colleges/MAUs that have access to Concur Request and Expense: When booking travel through MSU’s preferred travel agencies and prepaying airfare/rail with an MSU account number, no agency service fees apply.