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Office of the Controller

Project Update -

Welcome to the new MSU Travel@State website!

Note : to access legacy MSU travel website, please click here

Access to Concur has officially moved to EBS. Please log into EBS to access the Travel & Expense (SAP Concur) tile as shown here.

A brand new Motor Pool guide has been added to the Reference Guides page.

  • Employees and student drivers must complete a Request in Concur to use a Motor Pool vehicle. Select the expense type Motor Pool from the “Expenses” tab in your Request. This is found under “02. Transportation.”
  • Do not select the Car Rental Fuel expense type because it does not apply to Motor Pool requests. The Car Rentaxl segment is also not for Motor Pool purposes.
  • If Motor Pool is the only expense selected in your Request, an additional expense type with a transaction amount of at least .01 (one cent) will need to be added. (Suggestion: add an expense type such as “Parking” or “Tolls” for .01)
  • Please remember to reserve your Motor Pool vehicle by telephone ((517) 353-5280) or submitting a Service Request.

A Special Handling and Wires guide has also been added to the Reference Guides page. This guide outlines the steps that should be taken when an Expense Report requires a Special Handling and/or Wire Transfer to be sent.

Additional times have been added for the new Group & Guest Travel training. Prerequisite for this class is attendance at or viewing of the half-day Concur User Training session.

Please visit the Travel Classes page for a list of upcoming class dates including Concur User Training, Group & Guest Travel, Concur Open Lab, and Booking Travel Online Classes.