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Project Update -

We are excited to announce the date of our upcoming Travel@State Day: February 10th, 2020! Previously designated as Travel Arranger Day, this event will now be open to all faculty and staff who are involved in travel for MSU. Stay tuned for further details.

Welcome to the new MSU Travel@State website!

Note : to access legacy MSU travel website, please click here

Access to Concur has officially moved to EBS. Please log into EBS to access the Travel & Expense (SAP Concur) tile as shown here.

What is Prepaid (Direct Bill) Airfare/Rail?

  • MSU will pay for MSU business related airfare/rail tickets for our travelers, so that they do not have to wait to get reimbursed after the trip is completed for this expense.
  • This program also utilizes MSU’s airline/rail and travel agency contracts to give travelers the resources and support that MSU has cultivated to assist in their travel needs.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when booking Prepaid Airfare/Rail through one of MSU’s Preferred Travel Agencies, or the Concur online booking tool:

  • When using the Prepaid program, MSU is paying via credit card, named MSU Agency Card
  • Prepaid charges are assigned to an MSU employee profile at time of booking
    • If prepaying for a profiled traveler, prepaid expenses should be assigned to the MSU employee who is traveling.
    • If prepaying for a non profiled traveler, prepaid expenses should be assigned to the MSU employee who created the Request.
  • MSU student employees do not have access to the Prepaid program in Concur. Therefore, prepaid items must be booked with one of MSU’s Preferred Travel Agencies, including authorization by an MSU faculty or staff member
  • When a reservation is booked, prepaid airfare/rail becomes an Available Expense in Concur (first as an Out of Pocket Expense, and later as MSU Agency Card).
    • IMPORTANT: Only move prepaid expenses to an Expense Report when its form of payment has been converted to MSU Agency Card
    • Best practice is to begin Expense Reports as soon as Requests have been approved. Then, add MSU Agency Card Expenses to an Expense Report at that time.

Below is an example of both an MSU Agency Card and an Out of Pocket (pending Agency Card auto-reconciliation):

Why do I only provide one account number at the time of purchase?

  • The account number entered at the time of purchase is not used to charge the department/unit for the ticket, it is used for tracking purposes only. The account number(s) assigned to the airfare on the Expense Report will be used to charge the department/unit.

For more information, please visit the detailed MSU Agency Card guide.