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Office of the Controller

Project Update -

We’ve Moved

Due to renovations that will be occurring on the 3rd Floor of the Hannah Administration Building, certain departments within the Office of the Controller have temporarily relocated as noted below. The renovation period is expected to run from mid-January – July 2020. Staff telephone and email addresses remain the same.

  • Accounting, Travel, Tax Services, and Financial Analysis & Reporting – have moved to East Akers Hall (Room E229 – adjacent The Edge dining hall).
  • Payroll – has moved to Room 110 of the Administration Building (first floor).

Important Changes in Concur – Effective January 6, 2020

  1. Destination: There are two locations in the dropdown for East Lansing, MI. One is named “EAST LANSING, Michigan” and the other “East Lansing, Michigan”. We will be removing the all capital letters offering as of Monday, January 6.
  2. Motor Pool: There are two expense types in Request related to Motor Pool. One is named “University Owned Vehicle (Motor Pool)” and the other “Motor Pool”. We will be removing the “University Owned Vehicle (Motor Pool)” offering as of Monday, January 6.

What will this mean if I already have a Request with the option that will be removed?

  • If your Request is fully approved, there will be no impact to your request or subsequent expense report related to that request.
  • If your Request hasn’t been fully approved, or has been sent back, you will be required to change to the remaining selection available.

2020 Mileage Rate

Effective January 1, 2020, the mileage rate for Michigan State University business travel has been set at 57 cents per mile.

Who Am I Paying? – A Decision Document

The Travel@State Project Team has developed a decision document called “Profiled vs Non-Profiled Traveler” to assist with determining which traveler policy (Profiled or Non Profiled) you should use when preparing Requests and Expense Reports in Concur. Please visit the Travel@State Reference Library for access to this document under User Guides.

Save the Date: Monday, February 10th is Travel@State Day

We are excited to announce the date of our upcoming Travel@State Day: February 10th, 2020! Previously designated as Travel Arranger Day, this event is open to all faculty and staff who travel or support MSU’s travelers. Registration will open soon.

Get Your REAL ID

At the Travel@State Day, the full-service Michigan Secretary of State Mobile Office will be onsite to complete transactions, including REAL IDs. University faculty, staff, and students are welcome.

REAL ID is the post-9/11 federal requirement that sets higher security standards for identification and if you travel by air, this law will impact you. When it goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2020, a REAL ID will be required to board any U.S. flight or to enter some federal facilities. A REAL ID can be a U.S. Passport or an Enhanced Driver’s License – or you can turn your standard driver’s license into a REAL ID at any Secretary of State’s office, including the Secretary of State’s Mobile Office that will be at MSU on Feb. 10.

To turn your license into a REAL ID, you must bring the proper documentation with you, including:

  1. Your driver’s license or state ID card.
  2. Your certified birth certificate, with a raised seal or stamp issued by a governmental agency; your valid, unexpired U.S. passport; or an approved citizenship or legal presence document. (Faxes and photocopies won’t be accepted.)
  3. If your name differs from what is on your birth certificate, bring certified documents for every time your name has changed, such as marriage licenses or court orders.

There is no additional fee for a standard REAL ID if you apply during your normal renewal period. The cost is 9.00 to correct the Driver License if outside the normal renewal period, payable by cash, check, and credit cards (a small fee will be charge if using a credit card).