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Office of the Controller

Project Update -

Travel@State Day 2020

Thank you to all who attended Travel@State Day 2020! We will make an announcement once the presentations are posted to the website.

Agency/Travel Card Transactions

The Travel@State team would like to remind you to please be sure you are adding your card transactions to your Expense Reports. Once the payment type displays “MSU Agency Card” or “MSU Travel Card”, you are clear to assign the expenses to the appropriate Report.

Guest Payment Confirmation

Starting on February 17th , reimbursed guest travel will now display the appropriate guest’s name in Concur under Report Payments.

Locating Requests & Expense Reports

The Travel@State Team has developed a new document titled Locating Requests & Expense Reports. Please visit the Reference Library for access to this document and other helpful guides.

The MSU Travel@State team reminds you, when completing Expense Reports in Concur, to please attach one receipt per expense. In other words, each expense should be listed separately with its corresponding receipt attached. Thank you.