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Project Update -

Reconciling MSU Agency Card Charges

The Travel@State team reminds you to make sure you are properly reconciling your MSU Agency Card transactions in Concur.

  • Verify you have selected the correct profile.
  • Are there Available Expenses, found in the Expense tab, to be allocated?
    • Locate the expense with the payment type of MSU Agency Card to be reconciled.
  • All MSU Agency Card charges must be allocated and reported on an Expense Report, even if you have two charges that net to zero dollars.
  • Cancellation of travel plans will still require you to allocate and report your MSU Agency Card charges on Expense Report(s).

Please continue reading further by visiting the Reference Library on the Travel@State website. Both a quick reference card and user guide are available.

New Reference Guides

New documents have been added to the Travel@State website over the past month:

  • Standard Routing and Ad hoc Routing
  • Acting as a Delegate or Arranger
  • Reconciling and Allocating MSU Agency Card Transactions
  • Vendor Lookup in Concur Expense

Please visit the Reference Library for access to these documents and other helpful guides.

Concur Help

Have questions concerning Concur travel and expense? Resources are available to you:

  1. Reference Library has quick reference cards, user guides, and videos.
  2. FAQ‘s, categorized by topic, are questions asked by you with answers by the MSU Travel@State team.
  3. “Phone a Friend” by reaching out to other University employees who have knowledge in Concur.
  4. Still need assistance? Email Our team is standing by to assist you.