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COVID-19 Travel Cancellation Guidelines

Please review current international travel waiver guidelines on the Office for Global Health, Safety and Security’s website. International travel procedures differ depending on the type of traveler as well as the destination.

Here are some things you should know:

Conference Fees:
  • Contact the conference organizers for direction on obtaining conference fee refunds.
  • If no refund is possible, ask conference organizers if conference fee can be applied to a future conference.
  • If completely non-refundable allocate expense to an MSU account number.
** Travel Reservations must be cancelled. **

Airline tickets must be cancelled before the scheduled outbound flight.

For airfare booked through Frosch Travel and Concur, please contact Frosch Travel agents (517-827-2719) or email at or the airline directly for assistance.

Canceling airline tickets means that the traveler has a credit with the airlines for future travel. Cancellation does not mean that a refund has been or will be issued.

An Expense Report still must be filed to allocate airfare costs to your departmental accounts. Please refer to the New MSU Agency Card reference materials on this website’ Reference Library.

If purchased outside of the MSU Travel Program, travelers are responsible for contacting the airlines to seek refunds or waivers. When travelers book tickets outside of the MSU Travel Program and/or pay for airfare with their personal credit cards, there is no support that MSU can provide. The traveler is the only one who can use the ticket; therefore, the ticket should be cancelled. It is unlikely that MSU will cover the cost of personally purchased airfare because the university cannot take ownership of the ticket.

Major U.S. airlines have issued waivers for tickets canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. Be sure to visit their websites or contact your Preferred Travel Agency for specific information.


Hotel reservations must be cancelled prior to arrival to mitigate no show charges. Travelers need to explain the situation to the hoteliers and Airbnb, whichever is applicable, and ask for refunds and/or waivers of any charges.

If hotels were booked through a Preferred Travel Agency or Concur, and travelers cannot get the hotel to refund deposits or waive fees, please contact your Preferred Travel Agency for assistance. They may have some leverage in negotiating full refunds.

If travelers booked the conference hotel, we strongly recommend that they reach out to the conference planners for assistance. We are confident that they are receiving many inquiries and may have already worked something out with the hotel on behalf of attendees staying at the conference hotel.

For information regarding airline and hotel cancellation policies related to the COVID-19 virus, please visit COVID-19 Resources. Keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation and updates will be made accordingly.


For MSU business trips with approved Requests, please do cancel if travel is planned during this time of suspended travel.

MSU Travel and Agency Card Expenses:

Report travel and agency card transactions utilizing the Expense Report applicable to the cancelled trip. Be sure to allocate expenses only after refunds have been sought from providers.

Visit to learn more about what MSU is doing and what you can do to stay healthy.