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Adding and Deleting Notes and Attachments

Updated: 12/7/15

All e-docs

Note and Attachments can be added at all stages of an e-doc (initiated, enroute, final, disapproved, etc).

Upon clicking the add button, the notes and attachments will stick without any further action.


Users who initiate an e-doc or have the e-doc in their action list pending approval can add notes and attachments and will receive a delete button for their own Notes and Attachments added prior to taking action.

Clicking save will still allow deletion of Notes and Attachments prior to approving or submitting.

Delete button will not display once approved or submitted, even if document routes back to you.

Ad Hoc Routing

If you ad hoc route a document without taking action on it, you must use the save button to add a new note or attachment.

You will be able to delete your own notes and attachments until you approve or disapprove the e-doc.

Special Conditions

If you need to delete an attachment and you do not have a delete button, you can submit a request to Accounting at referencing the e-doc number, which attachment, and reason for deletion. Requests for deleted attachments should be limited to those attachments containing sensitive information.

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