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MSU PayCard
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Updated July 1, 2016

PayCard Introduction

  1. What is the MSU PayCard?

    An alternative to payroll Direct Deposit, the PayCard is a convenient and secure method of receiving your pay and expense reimbursements deposited directly to a reloadable VISA Debit Card.

  2. Who issues the MSU PayCard?

    The PayCard is issued by MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU).

  3. What payment method for wages does MSU recommend - Direct Deposit or PayCard?

    Direct Deposit to a financial institution provides the most convenience and security. MSUFCU and many other financial institutions provide free checking accounts when your pay is direct deposited. PayCard is a VISA Debit Card, and as with all debit/credit/charge cards, one must be diligent in keeping the card safe. Also, cards can be lost or stolen.

  4. I currently receive a paper check. What will happen?

    Payroll will communicate directly with employees currently receiving a paper check to provide information about payment options for direct deposit or PayCard.

  5. Is the PayCard a credit card?

    No. The PayCard is a reloadable Visa Debit Card. It is not a line of credit.

  6. What services are not offered with the PayCard and how do I receive those services?

    The PayCard does not constitute a checking, savings, or other bank account, and as such, certain services are not offered with the PayCard. The following is a list of services not available with the PayCard: ACH origination, bill payment, cash deposits, check deposits, check writing, ComputerLine transfers, shared branches, and wire transfers. Other services may also be limited to qualifying accounts. Contact MSUFCU if you would like more information on any service offered or to open an account.

  7. Will my expense reimbursements be paid via the PayCard?

    Employee reimbursements follow the payment method of your wages (direct deposit or PayCard).

  8. Can I get extra cards for my family members (spouse, children)?

    Secondary PayCards in the name of another person are not available. MSUFCU has other free account solutions for this purpose.

  9. By electing a PayCard, am I automatically getting a MSUFCU account?

    No. While you will be issued a base account number for identification purposes (see FAQ #22), electing a PayCard does not automatically create a MSUFCU account (checking, savings, etc.) for you.

  10. By electing PayCard, will I receive marketing materials from MSUFCU?

    From time to time, MSUFCU will provide PayCard holders financial education opportunities and information about MSUFCU products and services. MSUFCU takes your privacy and security seriously. More information provided here.

  11. I already have a MSUFCU account. Is my PayCard tied to my account?

    No. The PayCard is a separate Visa Debit Card. Transfers cannot be made from the PayCard to other MSUFCU accounts.

  12. Can I overdraw my PayCard?

    Overdrafts are to be avoided by PayCard holders. Yet, depending on the transaction, it is possible for overdrafts to occur. If MSUFCU does pay a PayCard transaction when no funds are available, the cardholder agrees to repay such amounts to MSUFCU immediately.

Obtaining a PayCard

  1. How will I sign up for the PayCard?

    The process for all employees to register for a method of receiving their pay will not change. Employees will continue to use the EBS portal to authorize Direct Deposit or request PayCard.

  2. How do I obtain my PayCard?

    MSUFCU will contact you regarding the initial issuance of your card. The PayCard will either be mailed to you, or can be picked up at an MSUFCU branch.

  3. Do I receive a new card for every pay?

    No. Once you have a card, your pay is automatically loaded to the card every payday.

  4. Can all MSU employees elect the PayCard?

    Yes – if the employee has a Social Security Number (SSN). In the limited cases where employees do not have a SSN (e.g., non-residents), direct deposit is the best option.

  5. Does an employee need to be campus based/work on campus to elect the PayCard?

    No. PayCard is available to all employees who have a SSN. However, certain employees may find greater convenience in direct deposit.

Using the PayCard

  1. Is there a minimum balance required to maintain the PayCard?

    No. A minimum balance is not required.

  2. .How do I withdraw money from my PayCard?

    You may withdraw money from your account by withdrawing cash at an ATM, requesting cash back at a point-of-sale terminal, or requesting a cash advance from a participating VISA-branded financial institution. You may also withdraw money from any MSUFCU branch location.

  3. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from an ATM in a single withdrawal? What about in a single day?

    $500 is the limit for both.

  4. How do I make payments and purchases with my PayCard?

    You may use your PayCard to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. You may use your PIN, sign, or just swipe your PayCard to authorize the transaction, depending on the transaction type. Cashier's checks are available by visiting or calling MSUFCU. Money orders are only available by visiting a MSUFCU branch. One cashier's check or money order is free per day. There is a $2.00 fee for additional items. You may also set up electronic withdrawals using your PayCard number at merchant bill payment sites and other financial institutions.

  5. What are my PayCard number and my base account number?

    Your PayCard will have two unique numbers that can be used to identify your PayCard: a PayCard number and a base account number. Your PayCard number will be printed on the face of your card (it is your VISA account number). Your base account number will be issued upon initial receipt of your PayCard. The two unique numbers are used to maintain continuity of service should your PayCard number be compromised. Your PayCard number can be used in conjunction with MSUFCU's routing number (272479663) to originate ACH transactions from other financial institutions. Your base account number is used to identify you when you contact MSUFCU.

  6. What do I do if my PayCard is lost or stolen?

    Contact MSU Federal Credit Union at 517-333-2424, 800-678-4968, or after hours at 800-325-3678.

  7. What if my pay is not loaded to my PayCard on payday?

    Pay is typically processed to your PayCard no later than 10am on payday. If you have further questions, please call Payroll at 517-355-5010.

  8. How will my MSU earnings statement change if I elect PayCard?

    There will be no change to your MSU earnings statement.

Statements and Balances

  1. How do I obtain balance information for my PayCard?

    The current balance on your PayCard can be obtained by selecting “balance inquiry” at an ATM, visiting a branch, or logging into ComputerLine or MSUFCU’s mobile app. You may also call MSUFCU during business hours at 517-333- 2424 or 800-678-4698, or call MoneyLine anytime at 517-332-6627 or 800-666-9546.

  2. How do I add money to my PayCard?

    Your employer will electronically deposit your payroll and reimbursement funds to your PayCard. You may also add money electronically to your PayCard from other sources. Your PayCard number can be used with MSUFCU's routing number (272479663) to originate an ACH transaction from other financial institutions.

  3. How can I track my PayCard spending?

    Transaction information is available online through ComputerLine or MSUFCU’s mobile app. You may also call MSUFCU during business hours at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4698, or call MoneyLine anytime at 517-332-6627 or 800-666-9546.

  4. Are paper statements available for the PayCard?

    You can select paper statements by contacting MSUFCU. There is a $2.00 per month fee for paper statements.

General Questions and Service Issues

  1. For ACH and ATM transactions, is the PayCard designated as “checking”?

    Yes. Due to industry standards, the PayCard is designated as the checking option for both ACH and ATM transactions. However, the PayCard does not constitute a checking account.

  2. May I set up my PayCard Visa to accept automatic recurring charges – for example, from my electric company?

    Yes. As with any Visa card, if the merchant accepts Visa, it can be set to pay your recurring charges automatically. But, as your PayCard is not a credit card, you will want to ensure that your PayCard has sufficient funds to pay your automatic recurring charges.

  3. Who do I contact if I have questions about using my PayCard?

    Contact MSU Federal Credit Union at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

  4. Will you still issue paper checks?

    Yes. Certain processes, such as off cycle payments and manual pay disbursements, may continue to result in a paper check. The timing of a new employee’s hire may also result in a check until the elected form of payment (Direct Deposit or PayCard) takes effect.

  5. If I elect PayCard and then have a break in service, do I need to re-enroll for PayCard upon my return?

    You should access the EBS portal to determine if your PayCard payment method is still active. Changes can be made directly in the EBS portal.

  6. If I receive pay via the PayCard and terminate my employment with MSU, will I lose any remaining funds on the PayCard?

    No. Existing funds on your card belong to you and termination of employment does not change your ability to continue to use and deplete the funds on your PayCard.

  7. Does my PayCard ever expire? Will my funds expire?

    The only expiration is the periodic “valid/good thru” date that is on all debit/credit cards, including VISA. Like all such cards, a new card will automatically be issued in advance of the expiration date to cardholders with no interruption in card usability. Long-term inactive account balances will be handled by MSUFCU in accordance with state law.


  1. What fees are associated with the PayCard?

    The PayCard agreement provides a complete listing of all fees. In summary:

    • There is no charge for MSUFCU and CO-OP ATM transactions. MSUFCU will charge $1.00 for non-CO- OP ATM transactions and an ATM operator surcharge fee may apply.
    • One cashier's check or money order is free per day; there is a $2.00 fee for additional items.
    • An inactive account fee of $5.00 is assessed after no deposits or withdrawals for 18 months.
    • When you use your PayCard for international transactions, a fee will be assessed; 1.00% fee for ATM and point-of-sale (i.e., PIN-based) transactions and a 3.00% fee for all other international transactions and cash advances.

    • There is a $2.00 charge for replacement cards.
    • Electronic history is free and you have the right to obtain a 60-day written history of your account transactions. There is a $2.00 per month charge for paper statement and a $5.00 fee for statement copies.

  2. Can I use the PayCard throughout the country and internationally?

    You can use your PayCard to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. You may use your PIN, sign, or just swipe your PayCard to authorize the transaction, depending on the transaction type.

  3. How many MSUFCU ATM’s are available to use? Where are they located?

    You may access your PayCard account at over 125 MSUFCU ATMs in and around the East Lansing and greater Lansing communities, including all MSUFCU branches and all Lansing-area Quality Dairy stores. For more information, please see

  4. What about CO-OP ATMs?

    You have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs nationwide. For locations, please see

  5. What can I do to keep my PayCard secure?

    Your PayCard is a VISA card and must be protected. MSUFCU will host periodic PayCard security/training sessions at campus branches, schedule TBD. For ongoing security information, please see

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