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Manual of Business Procedures
Policy Change Log

September 2016 - Present

Date Section Number Sub-Section Number Section Name Sub-Section Name Change Additional Information:
Form changes, links, etc.
04/16/2019 61 All Cash Advances – Travel and Research Participants All Added alternative for obtaining research advances via MSU Cashier. Added exhibit 61-B and 61-C
1/02/2019 61 All Cash Advances – Travel and Research Participants All Updated policy verbiage for changing payment method to electronic. Removed $300 minimum. Changed issuance days from 7-14 days before travel departure date to accommodate electronic payment method. Removed restriction on obtaining an advance for one person covering multiple person’s expenses.
1/02/2019 70 VII Travel Policies & Procedures Travel Advances All Updated policy verbiage for changing payment method to electronic. Removed $300 minimum.
12/05/2018 49 All Raffle Policy All Clarified process for raffle applications, reporting, documentation requirements. Provided pre-filled forms and raffle checklist as a work aide for departments. Provided a definition of what constitutes a raffle that is required to be licensed by the State of Michigan. Updated Raffle Cover Letter, pre-filled the Raffle Application for MSU departments, and provided a new checklist to assist departments
10/30/2018 79 V Departmental Records Clarified a device usage for business purpose are subject to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act in V Added Freedom of Information Act as a new subsection (VI).
10/30/2018 78 VIII Exhibits/Forms Added Freedom of Information Act in VIII. Added Freedom of Information Act as a new subsection (VII).
10/12/2018 35 Various Office of Risk Management & Insurance Clarified who can be a vehicle passenger; removed university approved agency members as vehicle drivers; removed reference to Study Abroad Insurance. Removed Criminal History Record Request form.
10/01/2018 70 IV Travel Policies and Procedures Lodging Clarified process and reporting for Lodging Arrangements with University Housing in IV.C.5 Revised Charge Authorization Form to be used for University Housing arrangements
10/01/2018 50 All Sales and Use Tax Clarified sales and use tax process to provide additional examples, guidance on timing of remitting sales tax, and proper forms to complete for exemption.
3/23/2018 315 III Sponsored Projects, Fee-for-Service, and Gifts Gifts Added language requiring a gift transmittal form to accompany funds sent to University Advancement for processing. Added gift transmittal form.
3/16/2018 44 I Issuing Gifts, Gift Cards, and Prizes Policy Introduction and Definitions Changed definition of gift cards to incude dollar denomination. Updated definition of non-cash gifts.
3/16/2018 44 II Issuing Gifts, Gift Cards, and Prizes Employees Changed categorization of dollar denominated cards to taxable income for employees. Specified that non-cash gifts are limited to $75 dollars per calendar year. Changes match IRS regulations.
3/16/2018 44 IV Issuing Gifts, Gift Cards, and Prizes Volunteers and Guests Clarified that Pcard may not be used to purchase gift cards for volunteers and guests. Specified that gifts may not exceed $75.
3/16/2018 17 I Acceptance of Payment Cards (Credit and Debit) and e-Commerce Policy (was Introduction) Inserted policy statement, responsible parties, and governing law or regulation. Reworded Introduction, and reordered entire Section 17 due to new policy statement.
2/12/2018 9 New Identity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flags Rule) New section regarding MSU compliance with Section 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003. Detection, prevention, and mitigation of identity theft in covered accounts.
2/2/2018 53 All Moving Expenses Removed non-taxable reimbursement as an option due to tax law changes in 2018. Moving expenses must be paid as a taxable allowance. Moving expenses must be processed as additional pay (taxable) to the employee.
1/10/2018 47 III Membership Dues, Sponsorships and Donations Exhibits Added memo providing guidance from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees regarding coordination of charitable donations.
9/29/2017 45 Title Food and Beverage, Lodging Title Change to: Food and Beverage Business Functions
9/29/2017 45 All Food and Beverage Business Functions Sub-sections re-written for greater clarity. Added worksheet to assist with budgeting functions.
9/29/2017 46 All Food and Lodging Purchased on Campus Charged to University Accounts Removed. Content on Food included in Section 45, Lodging included in Section 70.
9/21/2017 227 New Access to Facility Information and Critical Data Added new section regarding access to, and distribution of, facility information.
9/5/2017 76 All Independent Contractors for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Policy rewritten to clarify independent contractor status, rename PSC to Personal Services Contract and update form, update FAQs and examples, add employee vs. independent contractor determination guide. PSC form updated
Employee vs. Independent Contractor Determination Guide added
7/13/2017 1 I Fiscal Officer Responsibility Policy College/Major Administrative Unit Budget Officer is responsible for ensuring transaction oversight during Fiscal Officer transition.
6/30/2017 79 I, II Mobile Phones Used for Both Business and Personal Purposes Definitions, Policy Updated languarge for qualifying devices and data plans Updated wording throughout the whole section
6/30/2017 79 IV, V, VI, VIII Mobile Phones Used for Both Business and Personal Purposes Payment Combined service and equipment payment language, updated recommended allowance amount to better reflect current offerings from vendors Updated Mixed-Use Mobile Phone Allowance Agreement form, removed Preferred Vendor sub-section
6/14/2017 70 IV Travel Policies and Procedures Lodging Added content from Section 46, separated lodging from Meals & Incidentals and Conferences "Section 46 being removed (content added to Sections 45 and 70)
Lodging Arrangements with University Housing" (form revised).
6/14/2017 70 V Travel Policies and Procedures Meal Per Diem (M&IE) Reworked M&IE for greater clarity, removed references to maids, dining stewards, etc., removed hosted meals and tips (covered in Section 45), consolidated per diem lookup locations
6/14/2017 70 VI Travel Policies and Procedures Conference Fees Separated from lodging and M&IE
5/3/2017 315 I, II Sponsored Projects, Fee-for-Service, and Gifts Sponsored Projects Updated various sections for general release of Kuali Coeus (KC), replacement of eTransmittal form by KC processes
4/21/2017 70 III Travel Policies and Procedures Transportation Policies & Procedures Added reference to Section 35 (MSU Risk Management) for chartering guidelines
3/2/2017 75 I Disbursement Vouchers Policies and Requirements Reworded and sorted polices and requirements, cleaned up repetitious language
3/2/2017 75 II Disbursement Vouchers Vendor Added reporting requirement about cumulative payments to research participants (from Section 61) Additional information about Research Advances in Section 61
3/2/2017 75 V Disbursement Vouchers Special Handling Reworded Special Handling section for greater clarity, clarified procedure for Special Handling on direct deposit employee reimbursements
2/6/2017 250 All Service of Legal Papers and Compliance with Discovery Requests New section added to Manual
1/11/2017 17 II.A Acceptance of Payment Cards (Credit and Debit) and e-Commerce Payment (Credit/Debit) Cards Added paragraph on required training
1/11/2017 17 II.B Acceptance of Payment Cards (Credit and Debit) and e-Commerce Payment (Credit/Debit) Cards Updated policies for Face-to-Face (Card Present) processing and Mail Order/Telephone processing
12/28/2016 315 IV Sponsored Projects, Fee-for-Service, and Gifts Noncash Gifts/Gifts-In-Kind Updated link to Consignment/Non-Cash Gift Form Consignment/Non-Cash Gift Form
11/30/2016 315 I.C Sponsored Projects, Fee-for-Service, and Gifts Procedures for Sponsored Projects Updated who may submit proposals, international activities approval requirements, various dollar limits and clarifications, renamed MSU Technologies to Business-CONNECT, subaward negotiations and execution
11/30/2016 315 II.A Sponsored Projects, Fee-for-Service, and Gifts Fee for Service Activities in Academic Settings Updates to requirements for federal/governmental sources, publicly advertised activities
11/8/2016 70 IV.B.3 Travel Policies and Procedures Incidentals and Tips Clarified that tips must be reasonable, and are typically 20%
11/8/2016 45 II.B Food and Beverage, Lodging Business Functions Clarified that tips must be reasonable, and are typically 20%
11/8/2016 45 V.D Food and Beverage, Lodging Retirements Added service fee as additional amount to the $17.00 limit to meet how policy has always been enforced Many caterers and hotels charge a service fee in place of having the customer provide a gratuity
11/4/2016 23 VIII.A.1 Fellowship and Traineeship Appointments Taxation of Payments Removed reference to 1099 issuance MSU is not required to withhold for U.S. persons
9/29/2016 222 IV, V MSU Surplus Store Using Surplus Store, Storage Services Added information about electronic items to IV, removed Storage Services subsection V Surplus no longer offering storage services
9/14/2016 70 III.A.2 Travel Regulations Taxi/Car Service/Ride Share Added best practices for travelers using this service, contemporized title
9/9/2016 70 Title Travel Regulations Title Change to: Travel Policies and Procedures Contemporize; Friendlier - resource oriented vs. regulatory
9/9/2016 70 I, A. Travel Regulations General Policy & Eligibility Clarification of definition of individuals to which MSU travel policies apply Combined sections
9/9/2016 70 I, C., 4.c Travel Regulations Pre Trip Authorization - Blanket Authorization Combined In State and Local travel Identifies that 1 pre trip authorization can be completed for both in state and local travel
9/9/2016 70 I, D, G-I, K Travel Regulations Travel Reservations/Purchasing Changed name of section, replaced "Direct Bill" with "Travel Profile", clarified processes for completing profile and reserving/paying for travel; "Direct Billing" becomes "Prepayment" Consolidated sections I.D,G-I in new sections B & C; differentiates how MSU pays for travel through Preferred Travel Agencies and payment arrangements (invoicing) by local hotels
9/9/2016 70 I, E Travel Regulations University Travel Office Move contact information to end of Section 70
9/9/2016 70 I, F Travel Regulations Corporate Travel Credit Card Moved into Reserving and Paying for MSU Business Travel Flow is improved to assist readers with understanding of procedures
9/9/2016 70 I Travel Regulations Travel Regulations General Policy Overall, added more links to resources available to MSU business travelers and travel administrators
9/9/2016 70 II Travel Regulations Types of Travel Defined Changed from Local, Domestic, and International to CONUS, OCONUS, and International to create consistency throughout Section 70; clarified definitions Meal and Lodging per diems are based upon new titles
9/9/2016 70 III.A Travel Regulations Transportation Regulations, Ground Transportation Reorganized policies to reduce redundancies - general section applies to all types of ground transportation; separated private car, motor pool, and rental vehicles Contemporized title; reduced language
9/9/2016 61 III, IV Travel Regulations Use of Travel and Research Advance Funds, Reporting of Travel & Research Advance Funds Removed references to direct billing of airfare and rail; replaced with prepay and prepaid Syncs up with Section 70, Travel Policies and Procedures