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SECTION 227: Access to Facility Information and Critical Data

Last updated: September 29, 2017
Last reviewed: June 30, 2016

Policy Owner: Michigan State University Police Department (MSUPD) and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF)
Policy Owner Contact: MSUPD, 355-2221 and IPF, 353-1760


The purpose of this policy is to provide MSU employees with a process for providing appropriate access to, and distribution of, facility information, plans, data, documents, drawings and photos.

This policy is not intended to restrict academic research or its publication. This policy covers all forms of access to MSU facility information and all media through which it may be disseminated.

Requests for facility information should be made as far in advance as possible in order to receive timely consideration of their requests.

This policy does not impact Michigan Freedom of Information Act requests.

Requestors will be responsible for adhering to the nondisclosure agreement/user acceptance agreement upon receipt of MSU facility information.


Access to facilities data at MSU is divided into three different levels: General Access, Administrative Access, and Limited Access. These levels were developed to balance the need for access to institutional data against relevant security and safety considerations.


    General access information is information that is typically available to the public to facilitate wayfinding, planning, and safety.

    Examples of General Access Data
    • Campus maps and photos representing building features and placement with no more detail than publicly available from industry sources.
    • Floor plans excluding room descriptions, occupant information and room functions.
    • Institutional facility tabular data used for visitors, students, staff, interagency units, and peer universities, such as official building name, number reference, street address.

    Administrative Access information is information necessary for certain MSU employees or MSU students to promote the conduct of business or education. Administrative Access to facility information may also be granted to representatives of governmental agencies and vendors through mutual assistance agreements.

    Access granted to this information may include restrictions based on authorization of Schools/Colleges, Departments or administration units.

    Examples of Administrative Access Data
    • Scaled drawings of any campus location, including maps, floor and mechanical plans for construction, planning, and maintenance. Building, room, and/or equipment or other property records necessary for any business, or administrative purposes. Construction drawings, utility infrastructure, equipment locations
    • Construction project specifications needed for facility maintenance and operations.
    • Records retained for historic purposes or used for facility operations.

    Limited Access information is information that requires a higher level of documented approval to obtain. This type of information is usually requested for some purpose other than supporting the business functions of MSU. It may also be deemed Limited Access information due to its sensitive nature.

    Specific authorization is required to gain access to Limited Access information. Access granted for this information may include restrictions. Representatives acting on behalf of governmental agencies through existing mutual assistance agreements may also be allowed access to Limited Access information.

    Agencies assigned primary responsibility for emergency response to the East Lansing MSU campus as a result of agreements with MSU (such as the City of East Lansing for Fire Protection Services) will have full access to facilities data through their association with the MSU Police Department. MSUPD shall act as the authorized agent to disseminate that information.

    Examples of Limited Access Data
    • Public assembly facilities or areas
    • Sensitive administrative areas
    • Lab animal holding facilities or areas
    • Research facilities or areas
    • Facilities housing communications infrastructure
    • Facilities or areas housing hazardous materials
    • Utilities related data
    • Government contract facilities.


Anyone requesting access to facilities information must submit a request for information at

All requests and approvals for access to information will be routed through the appropriate approval parties and documented in an electronic tracking system based on access level.

Representatives of MSU-authorized architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, surveyors, and some others may obtain access to Limited Access Information. These approved individuals are required to notify their subcontractors in writing of this policy if they will be providing Limited Access data to their subcontractors. In order for these approved individuals and/or subcontractors to obtain access to Limited Access data, MSU must have on file a signed document demonstrating: (1) agreement with this policy, and (2) an understanding that the information will not be shared with an unauthorized individual.