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SECTION 215: Food Stores

Last updated: December 2010
  1. Food and Food Related Products and Services

I. Food and Food Related Products and Services

  1. Food Stores is the authorized procurement source for food service/building facility supplies, equipment and services for the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. The Food Stores procurement group is authorized to negotiate agreements and commit funds as delegated through the Signature Authority memorandum of June 30, 2010.
  2. Division of Residential and Hospitality Services departments shall submit requisitions for supplies and services via the AS 400 ordering system, and/or internal signature authorization documents. To assure contract and negotiated prime vendor agreement compliance, requisitions for supplies and services submitted to The MSU Purchasing Department (Angell Building, 166 Service Rd Rm 102) shall first be reviewed by the Food Stores procurement group for determination of the best method of processing.
  3. Procurement transactions utilizing the purchasing cards issued by The Purchasing Department are encouraged and shall follow the program’s established compliance requirements.
  4. University Stores open orders transaction may be exercised if not in conflict with current agreements as outlined in #2.
  5. Procurement areas of construction and design, computer hardware and software, consultants, etc. shall be coordinated by The Purchasing Department.
  6. Non-Residential and Hospitality Services Departments are encouraged to contact Food Stores to review current contract information prior to placing any orders for food or food related products or services. Contract compliance will assure the university community of fair pricing with negotiated terms and conditions, such as delivery, payment and freight terms.