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SECTION 222: MSU Surplus Store

Last updated: April 2022
  1. Location and Hours
  2. Function
  3. MSU Disposal Policy
  4. Using the MSU Surplus Store

I. Location and Hours

  1. Location

    MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center
    468 Green Way
    East Lansing MI 48824
    Telephone: 517-355-1723
    Fax: 517-353-9038

  2. Business Hours:

    Public Sale Hours:

    8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Every Friday

    Online Sales and Auctions:

    Merchandise Pickup:

    8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. Every Wednesday

    MSU Departmental Purchase Hours (MSU Business Only):

    By appointment only during non-public sale hours.

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II. Function

To provide appropriate disposition of all university-owned property and non-hazardous materials that are no longer needed by the current department yet may have a residual value to the university through redeployment and resale.

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III. MSU Disposal Policy

All items acquired by university departments, regardless of the source of funds, are under university control and subject to the disposal procedures below. Reference, MSU Ordinance 26.02, Unauthorized inter-departmental removal.

  1. Capital Equipment (initial cost $5,000 or more) shall be disposed of through the MSU Surplus Store. For more detailed information about capital equipment at Michigan State University, see MBP Section 224, Capital Asset Management, or call 884-6081.
  2. All other Equipment, Supplies, and Non-Hazardous Materials, regardless of the size or quantity, are subject to the following procedures for disposal:
    1. Evaluate the item for potential use within the department, either through repair or use by other staff within the unit.
    2. If no internal use is found, consider a sale, trade or gift to another university department.
    3. Send items not used internally, or transferred directly to another department, to the MSU Surplus Store for sale to other departments or the public.
  3. Hazardous Materials. It is the releasing department's sole responsibility to dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with university policy. Call the Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety (ORCBS) at 355-0153 for more information.
  4. Donations. It is in violation of university policy for items to be donated outside the university without determination of zero value by the MSU Surplus Store manager. Exceptions to this policy will be considered when the academic benefit to the university outweighs the cash value (e.g. research partnerships).
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IV. Using the MSU Surplus Store

Items may be dropped off at the MSU Surplus Store during regular business hours, or they can be picked up for free. To initiate a pick up request please use the following guidelines:

  1. Capital Asset Management. For inventoried equipment disposal the Capital Asset Management system in EBS must be used. For more information visit the MSU Surplus Store web site.
  2. Request For Service. To be used for non-inventoried equipment and supplies. This is a simple on-line method to send requests to MSU Surplus Store for a pick-up at a single location. Multiple pick-up locations require a Request For Service for each location.

All merchandise that is transportable must be moved to MSU Surplus before being offered for sale to the public. Items that are large or difficult to transport will be reviewed by MSU Surplus Store personnel to determine if an on-site sale is appropriate or if contracted movers are needed.

Multiple items of similar kind and items that cannot be moved in an efficient and practical manner will be sold on-site under the supervision of MSU Surplus Store personnel. The procedure used to advertise and sell the merchandise will be determined by the MSU Surplus Store manager or designee.

Credit for equipment declared reusable must be negotiated prior to sending the item to MSU Surplus Store.

Electronic items (computers, laptops, tablets, etc.) have all data removed. Items are either redeployed on campus, sold to the public or recycled through an approved vendor.

The MSU Surplus Store is responsible for the disposal of any and all scrap metal. Departments can schedule a drop-off or request a pick-up for the sale/disposal of scrap metal. All types of metals must be handled in this manner.

Departmental sales are made to authorized departmental representatives. These purchases must be charged to a university account number.

Sales to MSU agency accounts are considered public sales. Agencies may use university accounts for purchases and will be charged the appropriate sales tax.

All merchandise is sold to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. No merchandise will be held or reserved for individuals or university personnel.

Some equipment or materials may have no resale value. Those items, if recyclable, will be turned over to MSU Recycling. If not, then the items may be offered to the public at no charge to avoid landfill costs. These decisions are made exclusively by MSU Surplus Store personnel.

Departments must notify MSU Surplus Store personnel of potential hazardous materials that may be contained in any equipment.

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