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MSU Controller's Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Controller's Office is to provide world-class fiscal integrity and service while facilitating MSU’s world-class instruction, research, and public service.

Our Shared Beliefs and Values

  • We believe in the University's mission and its guiding principles.
  • We believe our primary focus is customer service which:
    • Is courteous and responsive.
    • Provides complete and accurate information.
    • Meets or exceeds expectations.
  • We believe people are our greatest resource where:
    • The well being of our employees is fostered.
    • Personal growth and professional development are promoted.
    • Employees are informed and empowered.
    • Quality performance is recognized.
  • We believe in a positive work environment where:
    • Mutual respect and trust are essential.
    • Communication is open and honest.
    • Appropriate risk taking and failure are allowed.
    • We can agree to disagree.
    • Work can provide personal enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • We believe in facilitating teamwork through:
    • Collaboration.
    • Active participation.
    • Shared responsibility.
    • Personal accountability.
  • We believe change is essential and we encourage:
    • Diverse and innovative ideas.
    • Adaptability to a competitive environment.
    • The use of new technologies.
    • Continuous quality improvement.
    • A progressive vision toward the future.