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How to sign up for Direct Deposit or Paycard

Before you can access EBS, you need to sign up for multi-factor authentication. Instructions can be found on the Controller’s Payroll website under "Multi-Factor Authentication". Upon hire, you are expected to either sign up for direct deposit or request a pay card. You will only be paid initially via a check for two pay periods and if you have not signed up for direct deposit, you will automatically be enrolled for a pay card at MSUFCU. Campus Solutions does not share direct deposit information with EBS, and you must enter your banking information into EBS. You may locate specific instructions by clicking here

All employees have the option to select either Direct Deposit or PayCard as their method of receiving payment.

DIRECT DEPOSIT OPTION: Your pay will be safely and confidentially deposited into an account you designate at any financial institution within the U.S. A detailed earnings statement for each pay is available to view.

Direct deposit enrollment is via the EBS portal. You provide your financial institution routing number and account number and authorize the direct deposit of your pay.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon the timing of your direct deposit enrollment, changes to your bank information may not take effect until your next pay date.

PAYCARD OPTION: PayCard provides an alternative to Direct Deposit. PayCard is a convenient and secure method of receiving your pay on a reloadable VISA Debit Card. A detailed earnings statement for each pay is available to view.

Requesting a PayCard is via the EBS portal. You authorize a request for a PayCard and your request is forwarded to MSUFCU to initiate your PayCard. The MSUFCU will send further instructions regarding your PayCard directly to your email address.

Additional information about the PayCard:


  • Difficulties with Direct Deposit or PayCard process, contact the Service Desk at or via phone at (517) 432-6200.
  • Questions about Direct Deposit or PayCard, contact the Payroll Office at or via phone at (517-355-5010).