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Employee Time Statement

What is the Employee Time Statement?

The Employee Time Statement provides a breakdown of an individual employee’s attendance and/or absence types per day in a printable format.

  • Shows all approved attendance/absence entries for the designated period
  • Available for individual employee to use and print
  • Available for supervisors to use and print for their direct reports
  • Ability to select time data for any particular time period (pay period, month, year)
  • Ability to select time data for all or a specific attendance/absence type
  • Displays in an easy to read and easy to print pdf format

Disclaimer: The Employee Time Statement represents the hours worked for a specific period and will reflect any subsequent changes to the data. The Employee Time Statement may not match the payroll earnings statement for the same period if there were adjustments made to the timesheet data after it was paid. Those adjustments would be reflected in the payroll earnings statement at the time that they were made.

How is the Employee Time Statement accessed?

The Employee Time Statement is available in EBS Portal.

Questions about the Employee Time Statement?

  • Contact the employee’s supervisor/department for questions about hours reported on the Employee Time Statement.