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Labor Distribution

What is Labor Redistribution?

Labor Distribution provides the detail behind the payroll posting to the Finance System. Each report provides different formats to meet different business needs. Labor Distribution should be reviewed after each payroll and used to reconcile salary and fringe expenses charged to KFS accounts.

Where are the Labor Distribution Reports Located?

Labor Distribution Reports are located in the EBS portal.

What Labor Distribution Report Formats are Available?

Below is a listing of the different labor distribution reports:

Labor Distribution Reports

A summary of each report and how to run it can be found at:

What Security Access is Needed to Run Labor Distribution Reports?

Access to the end user roles is granted based on the Enterprise Roles. The following Enterprise Roles will have access to the Labor Distribution Reports within the Business Intelligence System. These roles include:

  • HR Unit Admin
  • Unit Time Admin
  • Labor Distribution Role

Users who need access to the Labor Distribution Reports without an Enterprise Role will need to fill out a Business Intelligence ARM Form. ARM Forms can be found here:

When is Labor Distribution Data Available?

Labor Distribution data is available the morning after payroll has completed. This is typically 4 days BEFORE the check date. This gives departments time before the actual pay date to validate the pay for that pay period. Any errors that cause an overpayment should be reported to the Payroll Office immediately.

Off-cycle payroll data is typically available the day after the off-cycle payroll has processed, the day before the off-cycle check date.

Further questions can be directed to the payroll office at or 517-355-5010.

Reviewed: June 2016

Updated: June 2016