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Fall '23 and Spring '24
Tuition, Fees, and Housing Calculator

1: Read Instructions

This calculator is meant to help you estimate your tuition and fees costs FOR ONE SEMESTER.
NOTE: If you will be enrolled as a graduate assistant, Executive MBA student, or in any on-line courses or programs, other rates will apply. There may be additional program fees related to your program that are not contained in the calculator. For additional rates as well as payment plan options, click on the Students Accounts menu at the top of this page or on a mobile device click on the ☰ symbol to expand the menu and then click on Students Accounts.

Refer to the Live On webpage for current housing rates.

2: Make Selections

3: Click Calculate

4: View Totals

After completing the first three steps the total estimated costs for a semester will be displayed here.

Remember: These estimated costs are for one semester only.

The charges listed here are billed by MSU. Additional MSU-billed charges may include, for example, refrigerator or microwave rental. Costs NOT billed by MSU that you should include in your estimate are books, transportation, medical expenses, recreation, clothing, and personal miscellaneous expenses.

The Estimated "one-semester total" figure is calculated based on information provided on this form by you. Other fees may also apply. The invoice you receive from the University will include actual costs and you are responsible for all billed charges even if they differ from the amounts listed here.

The University reserves the right to make changes in the types, structures, and rates for fees, deposits, tuition, and housing. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible.

Please review our Payment Plan FAQ for payment strategies.

Itemization of Charges
Student Fee
College Fee
College Tax
Program Fee
Graduate Tax
Medical Tax
State News Tax
FM Radio Tax
Recreational and Wellness Center
One Semester Total