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Michigan State University colleges/departments/units/organizations are permitted to conduct raffles in accordance with the procedures and requirements as outlined in the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 49.

Important reminders:

  • Almost all raffles need to be licensed, any game of chance where consideration is given, such as buying a ticket or completing a survey, if the winner is required to do something to be entered, then it requires a raffle license.
  • Failure to obtain proper licensing or to follow the policy may jeopardize MSU’s status as a qualified organization with the State of Michigan, Charitable Gaming Division, or the college/department/unit/organization to be dis-allowed for all future raffle applications.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks for the raffle application process as it requires several approvals and signatures from MSU and State of Michigan.
  • Review and follow State of Michigan’s raffle information and rules to understand the raffle application and financial statement process.

FAQ on Raffles

Raffle Video