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Information for International Visitors

Welcome to MSU,

International employees are often eligible for certain tax benefits due to their status as non-U.S. citizens. As the tax law is quite complex in this arena, it is essential that this information be reviewed on an employee by employee basis.

The Payroll Office has created an informational packet that is emailed to each international employee upon notice of their employment with MSU. The packet contains a Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) to be completed by the employee and details the required documentation for tax benefit eligibility. Upon completion, the employee submits documentation to the Payroll Office via fax, email, or campus/US mail. The Payroll Office will review and process documentation and follow up with employee upon completion.

Any new international employee who has not received this informational packet may request one by emailing

Please take the time to view the additional information regarding visitors to Michigan State University.

For questions and more information please contact the MSU Payroll Department.